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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Celebrating the Art of Lisa

It may have started when she was a child, dressing her younger brother Eric as a pretty lady. She has spent years developing her skills. Lisa's unique talent combines photography, animal training, costume design, creativity, and holiday cheer. I don't know if there's a specific name for it, but it's definitely her thing. She owns it and does it better than anyone else. Following is a photo celebration of her talent.

Willie Nelson, Cinco de Mayo

Oscar, Halloween piglet
Little Piglet
Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Barney

Halloween Barney

Valentine's Day, Barney and Willie Nelson
Barney, Memorial Day
Barney and Goat with Christmas lights

Little and Barney, Halloween ghosts (not Klansmen)
Barney and Little, Fourth of July
National Running Day
National Running Day

I don't know that there is a holiday for what's happening here.

Her Little Christmas elf

Santa Dawgs

Happy birthday Jacob!

Supes and Batdog
Easter Little
Her talents are hereditary. Jake (and my mom) dressed Little in food coloring for Saint Patrick's Day (and the following summer).
Thanksgiving Turkey (that's really Barney in a costume, not a turkey)
Don't know how she got his eyes so green too.
Maybe Christmas

Ladybug Lola, niece dog
Sometimes she dresses herself up, to get the boys inspired.
Some people comment that the dogs look embarrassed or ashamed. But they love her sessions. For the most part. They get lots to eat during these shoots. They feel special and get attention. Barney and Little come running to the door whenever she brings new costume ideas home, ready to try out the latest trendsetting designs. Maybe someday she'll get a wall in a museum or a coffee table book to celebrate her work. For now, she gets the appreciation and loving adoration of the internet and four boys (Kevin, Jake, Barney, Little Dog)

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  1. Call me crazy but the dogs don't really look like they're celebrating. ;) But it looks like a fun tradition. :)